FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp 2-5-7 (Flower/Bloom)
  • FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp 2-5-7 (Flower/Bloom)
FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp 2-5-7 (Flower/Bloom)

Quantity: 1 quart

Micronized and fermented organically. Contains micro and macro nutrients will help the plant go into flowering stage healthy strong and distressed at the crucial time for blooming. Iron and Boron to help with any deficiencies and helps with any yellowness the plant might deal with.  Kelp contains minerals and nutrients and microbes that keeps the soil breaking down and healthy. It also is known as a deterrence for weeds. This is the perfect NPK going into last stage of harvest. All nutrients are chelated with amino, fulvic and humic acids to make this the complete carbon / Fish fertilizer

Fertilzer Analysis (NPK)

Nitrogen(N): 2%
Phosphorus(P): 5%
Potassium(K): 7%