What Makes RKAG Products Effective

At RKAG we source the most sustainable materials in the world to serve our customers with only the best. Through a vetting process of my own through years of studying organic fertilizers. I got to see what was good and what wasn't so good. I noticed that some of the old rock minerals and big old lime stone wasn't breaking down and most of all the nutrients that were suppose to be available to the plant, They were not even being used up.

I also saw how drip lines would get clogged when trying to fertilize with soluble powders. It would clog things up and sometimes customer would have to hydrate the organic powder product the night before.

This too me didn't seem like a sustainable way. So when I started Royal Knight Ag, I looked for the best scientists and talked to them about these issues that I was use to dealing with. They had a solution.

Coco coir is so much lighter. easy to move. environmentally friendly and even helps cut back on water. What's best then that?

Then with The royal knight Flourish and Nourish line I made sure that the nutrients were micronized small enough to make the most efficient. The sugar based solutions help the organic acids and the microbes because it acts as a food source. The microbes keep munching on the sugar and the material breaks down and hydrates easily in water. This makes RKAG powders the most effective and efficient on the market. a 8 oz pack treats 250 gallons of water or 46 / 5 ml teaspoon doses per package. Making our materials the most bang for your buck.