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GAPS Coco Coir - Buffered For Uptake

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RKAG GAPS Coco FIBER Coir is buffered, OMRI certified and has tested low EC and bicarbonates. Coco Coir PH 5.5-6.5 and moisture content >20%. This gives us a superior soil medium, low in salts, buffered, ready for the right nutrients for any crop we are growing.

Featured Products

Organic Constant Composter 5 gallon grow bag

Gaps Coco Coir blocks 11.4 lb OMRI for soil

Blocks of COCO Coir OMRI certified to breakdown in any grow medium or animal bedding.

Montana Grows OMRI Volcanic Potassium Silicone

Silicone amendment will help strengthen the plant roots , stems and foliage. Grow more using less.

FLOURISH - Miner's Gold 6-1-3 with Kelp Extract Organic(VEG)

Get stronger, bigger leaves and roots! FLOURISH - Miner’s Gold contains full spectrum of macro and micronutrients required for vegetative growth.

NOURISH - Poseidon's Gift 4-8-7 with Kelp/Cal/Mag (flower/Bloom)

Use the power of kelp to supercharge your plant’s blooming and flowering phase. L‐Amino Acids Bone Meal,Potassium Sulfate, Carbohydrates, calcium and Key Secondary & Micronutrients also aid in giving this formula the power it needs to insure that your plant returns massive yields.

NOURISH - Carbon N+ 6-3-4 (veg)

NOURISH - Carbon N+ is an expertly mixed organic formula guaranteed to boost your plant’s vegetative growth potential.

NOURISH - Sweet Synergy(all Uses) Heavier stickier juicier tastier fruit

Want to have sweeter yields? NOURISH - Sweet Synergy is injects a shot of dextrose sugar into your plants! Use NOURISH - Sweet Synergy in every stage of your plants development for optimal results.

NOURISH - Locksmith 0-0-5 with endo mycorrhiza (Every POT flip)

Unlock the power of your soil with NOURISH - Locksmith! This comprehensive microbial formula was designed to unleash vital nutrients from your soil make them readily available for your plant.

FLOURISH - Microbial Magic micronized Organic (Use Thro plant cycle)

FLOURISH - Microbial Magic harnesses the power of microbes to enhance the health of your plant at every stage of it’s growth.

FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp 2-5-7 (Flower/Bloom)

Grow bigger buds! FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp is the ultimate organic solution for maximizing the flowering response in your crops.

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