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GAPS Coco Coir - Buffered For Uptake

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RKAG GAPS Coco FIBER Coir is buffered, OMRI certified and has tested low EC and bicarbonates. Coco Coir PH 5.5-6.5 and moisture content >20%. This gives us a superior soil medium, low in salts, buffered, ready for the right nutrients for any crop we are growing.

Featured Products

Organic Constant Composter 5 gallon grow bag

Montana Grows OMRI Volcanic Potassium Silicone

Silicone amendment will help strengthen the plant roots , stems and foliage. Grow more using less.

Gaps Coco Coir blocks 11.4 lb OMRI

Blocks of COCO Coir OMRI certified to breakdown in any grow medium or animal bedding.

NOURISH - Poseidon's Gift 4-8-7 with Kelp Extract

Use the power of kelp to supercharge your plant’s blooming and flowering phase. L‐Amino Acids Bone Meal,Potassium Sulfate, Carbohydrates, calcium and Key Secondary & Micronutrients also aid in giving this formula the power it needs to insure that your plant returns massive yields.

NOURISH - Carbon N+ 6-3-4

NOURISH - Carbon N+ is an expertly mixed organic formula guaranteed to boost your plant’s vegetative growth potential.

NOURISH - Sweet Synergy

Want to have sweeter yields? NOURISH - Sweet Synergy is injects a shot of dextrose sugar into your plants! Use NOURISH - Sweet Synergy in every stage of your plants development for optimal results.

NOURISH - Locksmith 0-0-5 with endo mycorrhiza

Unlock the power of your soil with NOURISH - Locksmith! This comprehensive microbial formula was designed to unleash vital nutrients from your soil make them readily available for your plant.

FLOURISH - Microbial Magic micronized Organic

FLOURISH - Microbial Magic harnesses the power of microbes to enhance the health of your plant at every stage of it’s growth.

FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp 2-5-7 Micronized Organic

Grow bigger buds! FLOURISH - Khelated Kelp is the ultimate organic solution for maximizing the flowering response in your crops.

FLOURISH - Miner's Gold 6-1-3 with Kelp Extract Organic

Get stronger, bigger leaves and roots! FLOURISH - Miner’s Gold contains full spectrum of macro and micronutrients required for vegetative growth.

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